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CyberSafe Work provides free cyber awareness quizzes. Browse our content, and see how cyber savvy you are! Need more? Check out our premium quizzes.

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CyberSafe Work membership gives you access to a new quiz each month. Keep up to date on new cyber security threats, trends, and best practices with our cyber awareness quizzes.

“Many small organizations believe they can’t possibly be a target so they under invest or ignore basic security preparation and hygiene.”

“The state of cybersecurity at small organizations” –

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New Quizzes Each Month

Members enjoy new quizzes each month that correspond with that month’s poster.

At just $2 per month, organizations  & individuals can stay up to date and educated on various cyber security issues.

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Each month, CyberSafe Work publishes a new security awareness poster. These posters are FREE to use.

Print them and hang them in your office to bring awareness to current cyber security issues.

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Free quizzes are also available. Browse the library of free security awareness quizzes and test your knowledge on issues that plague any person who uses the internet, and for any business that operates online, corresponds via email, or collects and stores PII.