Create a Culture of Security

88% of employees in the United States are unaware of their company’s cyber security policies. Cyber security awareness is the first step to prevention.

CyberSafe Work’s cyber awareness quiz program and monthly security posters help keep security awareness front and center at work.

The majority of business leaders do not know what to do if a cyber security-related incident occurs.

Why is Security in the Workplace Important?

In 2017, cyber crimes cost the U.S. about $21 million.

Don’t be a statistic. Plan, Prepare, and Educate.

Cyber security must be a priority for any organization. Threats are constantly changing, and breaches are widely publicized. Therefore, it is time to take control of security. CyberSafe Work strives to change the statistic that most employees are unaware of their company’s cyber security policies.

Most people understand that criminals exploit the knowledge gap between laypersons and hackers, but many people simply do not know what to look for. What are your weak points? Do employees knows what they can and cannot send via email? Does your organization have a bring-your-own-device policy?

Let CyberSafe Work educate your workforce. Learn where your weak points are with our Security Quizzes. Teach your staff what should and should not be sent via email. Learn what devices pose a threat to your network. Further that culture of security with our FREE CyberSafe Work posters.

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We make cyber awareness easy!

Why Choose Us?

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Our team has been in business since 1989. We have evolved with the internet, which affords us a deep understanding of threats and security.

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We are not just programmers and security experts; we are also business owners. This is why we understand how important it is to develop of culture of security.

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We Live Security

Our team is constantly learning about the latest threats and the newest tactics to stop them. Cyber security is our life.

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Education is the key to a CiberSafe workplace. Our cyber awareness quizzes will help to educate your staff.