• Sponsorship – We would include a sponsorship banner on the site (on the homepage) with information about your company and a backlink (great for your SEO) to your site. When sponsoring a poster, your logo appears on the monthly security poster(s) you wish to sponsor. Your branding would remain on that poster as long as we still own/operate the site (see more on this below). Even if you should decide to cancel your sponsorship.
  • Social Media – Each month we boost our posts for the security posters on Facebook and Pinterest. We are only linking back to the security poster on the CyberSafeWork site but if you are a sponsor we would include a relevant link to your site as well.
  • Idea/Specific Targeting – If there is a specific idea or topic that you would like covered on the monthly poster, we will work with you when designing the poster.
  • Cost – To get the benefits listed above, your cost would be $75 a month to sponsor the site (with a minimum 3 month commitment).
  • Cross Promotion/Commission – If you recommend a new account to us (web design, hosting, programming, SEO), and the account becomes a paid account with us, we would provide you sponsorship on the website for free for 6 months.
  • Disclaimer – As long as CyberSafeWork is operating under CourseVector, the commission bonus program and the logo placement on the security posters will remain in place.