Is It a Scam?

CourseVector’s team of security experts receives scam emails almost daily. We know it is becoming more difficult to tell the difference between scams and legitimate email requests. If you are in doubt about any email that you receive, forward it to and one of our technicians would be more than happy to provide you with comments and recommendations. This is free to all CourseVector and PA State Association of Boroughs accounts.

We want to help you become savvy to what is a scam and what is a legitimate email. Below, you will find examples that we or our clients received.


We found your parcel

Scammers have been sending emails and text messages claiming to have found a parcel from a month or more ago. The link in the message takes you to a site to steal money, your identity, or both.

If you are missing a package, please do not reply to or click on links within these messages. Instead, reach out to the seller or the service the seller used to ship the item. It is also important to remember that most of the big-name shippers (like UPS) do not require personal information to receive packages.

For more scam examples, please visit CourseVector’s website.