Cyber Insurance Poster Set

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Cybersecurity is on the minds of everybody. Consumers are wondering just how safe is their data in the hands of corporations. Business owners are wondering how to protect themselves, their clients, and their employees from cyber attacks. Cybersecurity Insurance is becoming commonplace to protect businesses from  heafty lawsuits and payouts. 

If you’ve ever filled out the application for this type of insurance, you know that it is lengthy. They ask many questions about how your business is structured and what seucrity measures you have in place. Because of this, CyberSafe Work has created a series of posters to help your employees mitigate the risks of doing buisness online. These six posters are designed to be hung together as a group, but would work individually as well.  Each poster has a short cybersecurity awareness quiz on the topic.

Reduce your risk. Keep these imporatnt, and very doable, cybersecurity topics visible to your employees. Your future depends on it!