Cyber Attacks are on the Rise and are Incredibly Damaging


Malware and web-based cyber attacks are growing in their number, complexity, and method of delivery.

One wrong move and sensitive data or PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION (PII), such as social security numbers, could become encrypted and/or stolen.

Recent attacks in the news

Ransomware has been IN THE NEWS with big attacks. Recently, the City of Atlanta was paralyzed for 5 days because of an attack. This doesn’t include the additional time to get the city back up and running again at a total cost of over $17 million. 

That’s not all…business email compromise losses top $12 billion where someone tricks the accounting department into sending payments they think are going to legitimate vendors but instead are going to cyber criminals. There are many additional threats to your data security.

Protect yourself and your assets

There are so many different types of ransomware attacks that it is difficult to keep track of the current threats. A few of the more well-known attacks include CryptoLocker and CryptoWall; both lock users out of files and requires a ransom payment for recovery. Luckily, there is now antivirus software available that uses artificial intelligence to detect and roll back the files to a working state. While this is helpful to combat an attack, the attacks are getting more difficult to clean up after. It is best to avoid an attack altogether.

There is no single program that can defeat all threats

A layered approach to protection is essential. Businesses & government agencies need a comprehensive approach to combat these ever present threats including:

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