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Many of us are navigating the work-from-home / school-from-home landscape as the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic presses on. It is important to maintain good virtual hygiene when working or attending school from home to protect sensitive data and our children from predators online.

6 Online Safety Tips for School at Home

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Anitvirus Software

Install and maintain antivirus software on each work and school device. Thankfully, this software usually auto-updates. Make sure this feature is turned on to ensure the latest in virus protection is installed on your devices.


Have a conversation with your kids about phishing. Remind then not to click on email links or text messages without verifying the sender first.

Webcam Etiquette

Good webcam etiquette is a must. If they don’t need the webcam, consider covering the camera. Be aware of what is in the background while on camera. Don’t show sensitive information by mistake.

Strong Passwords

As with any other online application, it is very important to use strong passwords. Hackers can and do crack weak every day. Encourage your children to use strong passwords early so that it becomes a habit.

Automatic Updates

Enabling automatic updates takes the guesswork out of software security. Ensure that you’re using the latest version of online applications by taking advantage of automatic updates.

Filtering Software

Many school devices come with filtering software to prevent kids from viewing inappropriate material. You can install filtering software on home devices as well!

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Let’s face it. Kids live online. Keeping them safe online outside of the school setting is extremely important. SANS security awareness website has a newsletter just for kids. Consider subscribing to OUCH! to stay up to date with youth-oriented online safety concerns.